Building community through sharing skills.  Sharing skills through community.


What is Just Get Me Started?


Individual Growth


Just Get Me Started aims to give you tools, resources, and support to launch into a new project, hobby, interest, or skill.  We want to empower you to take on any project by giving you the support at the hardest stage: the beginning.  We connect you to resources that continue to support you as your skills develop and grow. 


Community Growth


Just Get Me Started connects individuals and community.  We promote skillshares.  Let us know what you'd like to learn, and we'll find someone to help teach you.  Want to teach a skill?  We'll arrange a class and promote the event to the community.


Business Growth


Just Get Me Started partners with local businesses to offer specialized skillset classes.  Have a local business and want to set yourself apart from the rest?  By working

with us, you can establish yourself as a community partner by offering to teach a class.  This increases your business' visibility and establishes a new customer base.