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July 27, 2019

Silk Marbling Class

Local Artist Rachel MacKenna

Silk Marbling Workshop

Learn how to create beautiful patterns on paper and fabric with local artist Rachel MacKenna. Inspired by the techniques used in Turkish silk marbling, participants will use acrylic paints in a guided step-by-step process to marbling. 


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Featured Artist: Rachel MacKenna

I love to create.  I wanted to share some of the projects that I've made because they're some of the ways Just Get Me Started has been inspirational to me.  Through Just Get Me Started, I've met people who told me that they believed I was an artist...even as I insisted I wasn't.  They helped to give me confidence in my work by meeting me where I was in my creative journey, and giving me the courage and encouragement to move further in my artistic and creative journey.  I share these photos because I believe everyone can and should create.  I believe that we can take a wish, goal, dream (i.e. "one day, I'd like to make a quilt," and make it a reality (i.e. "I made a quilt and I am awesome").  I want those who come to Just Get Me Started events to feel empowered in their creative journeys.  I want to create a community to support creators, artists, and innovators.  Please look through some of these photos with the question: "what would I like to create?  What skills do I need to get there, what are the obstacles I'm facing?"  Those questions are what I want Just Get Me Started to support finding answers to.  I look forward to seeing you at one of our events!