May 2019 - Sacred Geometry & Chalk Art Event

Just Get Me Started was privileged to work with Justin the Circler. Justin is well-known beach artist in Longview, WA. He also spends his time creating art in Bothell, WA. Our group had a great time with Justin and his narrative of sacred geometry. We practiced our skills using a compass to create beautiful works of art, then moved our work outside to do some serious chart art. It was great fun. Thanks Justin the Circler for all your expertise.

Previous Projects

Just Get Me Started offers twice weekly free community based classes.  Skillshares.  We have an Art Group that meets every Friday 6-8 PM, and a Just Get Me Started (featuring a different community taught skill each week), Saturday 5-8 PM.  These gatherings are generally done at the Hangar, but please check the calendar for details.  


Past Events have included:  Quilt Making: An Introduction, Watercolor, Rock Painting, Ottoman Making, Skirt Making, Scale Model Kit Building, and much more!  We meet as a low-key, easy-going, and welcoming group.  All levels of skill are always welcome.  We grow as individuals and as a community by teaching our hobbies, our skills, our knowledge.  We don't need to be experts, we just need to offer what we know.  For instance, Suzanne is by no means an expert quilt maker, but she can teach basic quilting.  So she does.  


Sometimes people say: "oh, I don't have a skill," or  "oh, I can't teach a class..."  But EVERYONE has something to offer, everyone's skilled in a particular area, whether they know it or not.  Just think: Do you know website building?  Do you play card games?  Do you travel?  Have you started your own business?  Do you have a garden? ....The list goes on and on.  We all have life skills, hobby skills, craft skills...Let's share such knowledge.


And to share knowledge doesn't mean an formal, structured class.  It's just an offering of sharing what you know.  It's as low-key or as structured as you'd like.  We've had gatherings where there is a presenter, and gatherings where it's more group-guided.  It all works.  The thing is, when we get together as a group and offer our knowledge & skills, we all grow, learn, and create connections.  That's what it's all about.  It's not about the goal of "having the knowledge," it's about the goal of "gaining the knowledge;" the process.  It's the process of just getting started that challenges all of us to stretch beyond our current selves.  We ask you to consider your skills, consider your interests.  What would you like to learn?  Suggest a topic.  What would you be willing to share?  Suggest a topic.  This is a dynamic & evolving group, we do best when we just get started.