Founder and Lead Starter

This is not Suzanne.

Suzanne takes on any project pretty much head on. Tell her you think she can't do it? You've just added fuel to her fire. How do I know? I'm her husband. And I've tried to convince her that projects are too big, too complicated, we don't know enough, we can't, .... But she just keeps going. And going. And going. Reminds me of that Energizer Bunny. It's just who she is. She's excited. She's empowering. She's enthusiastic.

What I honestly love about her is that whatever latest project she's embarking on (tiling the front entryway, deciding to make her own kitchen cabinets, repainting the entire basement in unprecedented speed, teaching herself quilting, running three marathons, getting her Master's in Adult Education, raising three kids, raising 3 guinea pigs, raising eight chickens, and raising a dog), she does it with unbridled enthusiasm and spirit. It's rather contagious.

What starts out as my reluctance to, say, rip out a perfectly good (albeit "ugly") tiled floor is gradually transformed as Suzanne convinces me that not only can we do it, we can do it well. I've learned a lot from her: I've learned that I can do far more than I ever thought I could. I call it her enthusiasm "En-SUZY-iasm" because she's just so darn excited about pretty much every crafty, home decor, DIY project. You know that saying: "give a person a fish, they'll eat for a day. Teach a person to fish, they'll eat for a lifetime?" That's what she does: she teaches, she learns, she challenges herself to grow.

She wants to learn everything. She wants me to learn everything. She wants everyone to learn everything. It's her passion. She really believes in people's abilities. She wants you to get started. With whatever. She wants to be a mentor, a resource, an encouraging and positive element in your creative endeavor. She believes obstacles aren't roadblocks-- not at all-- they're opportunities. Opportunities to learn, and grow, and challenge yourself.

She wants Just Get Me Started to be your team. She tells our kids: "you don't have to know everything, you just have to know how to find the resources to help you." Just Get Me Started is that resource.

Suzanne knows that it's so much easier to have a partner to tackle a project with. It's rather encouraging to have a partner rooting for success. As much as I complain about the latest project we're going to tackle, she really is an awesome partner.

I have learned that when she comes bounding up to me saying, "I have an idea!!" I know I'm going to be in for an adventure. I know I'll be challenged to grow and learn. I know she believes in me. I know she believes in you. I know she believes in the mission and goals of Just Get Me Started.


Program Manager

Well, thanks Joe for that nice introduction.  Now it's my turn to introduce you!


Joe is my husband and he's pretty awesome.  He is practical, thorough, methodical.  We make a great pair because I come up with the ideas, and Joe figures out the details to how to make things really work.  His ability to take a concept to completion is one of his best contributions to Just Get Me Started.  While I am busy tearing up a tile floor, Joe's the one feverishly researching how to put a tile floor back in.  It's those details that are so important.  HA!   One of the things I admire most about Joe is his attentiont to details.  Although there are often faster ways to do something, if Joe knows it's not the best way, he won't do it.  Often that means our projects take longer or require more research, but in the end, they're built to completion with thorough attention to detail, design, and finsh work.  This is important because without this, projects have an obvious "DIY" look.  When Joe's on the job, the projects have a polished, professional look, even if it's the first time he's attempted such work.  His exhaustive research allows us to thoroughly understand the depths of a project, the limitations of our own skills, and the parts of the job we feel we need to hire out for.  It's a good balance him & I.  We're a good team.  Joe's attention to finances also result in projects being done with the highest quality of product for the least possible cost.


Joe's continued support toward developing the website, marketing, social media is very much appreciated.


Joe's look when Suzanne exclaims: "Joe!!  I have an idea!!"